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Using the Create a Horse Page

Your First Horses

Every horse that exists in the game was created by players, and you can create a horse any time you like on the create a horse page! The Create a Horse Form     (screenshot of regular create a horse form, not herd helper form.) This form allows you to add...

Pointed Creates: What Are They?

Your First Horses

outline:     What are points? If a create has more points, does that mean it’s a better horse?     Your Daily Showing Bonus (should this be its own page?)  - This needs to be mentioned here, because it's strongly featured on the create page, but needs to als...

Your Horse's Page

Your First Horses

Concept: A tour of the tabs, information, and options found on a horse's page. Opportunity to link to other pages throughout the wiki that cover these topics in more detail. outline:     Horse Info         Screenshot and rundown of information w/ links to r...

Testing Your Horses

Your First Horses

(Copied over from breeding section: should stick to simple explanations of what the tests are measuring, what that means for your horses, and link to more information.) Concept: Keep the upgraded testing features brief. Just simple explanations and link to a ...

How to Read Genetic Testing Results

Your First Horses

Your Member Home Page

Learning Your Way Around: How to Use th...

Screenshot with explanations of content and links to other relevant pages. (Lots of information is currently tucked away and often overlooked on the member home page sections.)

The Community: Forum & Chat Rooms

Learning Your Way Around: How to Use th...

The Forum How to sign in Explain that your forum profile is different than your game account, and the sign-in errors that can occur when players have multiple accounts. Might be worth mentioning using different browsers for different accounts. How to make...

Using Straws

Breeding Your Horses The Advanced Breeding Lab

No upgrade required, How to Pull Straws, How to Use Straws, Obtaining Straws from Other Players. Explain expiration dates.  Remember to link to other articles/subsections as needed.  

Training Your Horses

Showing Your Horses

Manual training vs. auto training with upgrade. Foals can start training when they turn 2 years old and can continue to train until they "level off." What does "leveling off" mean? The show grade/levels? Altering (spaying/gelding) your horses and the training ...

How to Enter a Show

Showing Your Horses

How do I enter a show? Free Accounts - simply find the small blue flag icon next to the horses name on your barn page, or on each horses individual page, and click it. You will be asked to select a show from a list of the available shows. Remember, all...

Earning Points & Your Daily Showing Bonus

Showing Your Horses

How do I see how many points my horse earned from a show? Why do I want to accumulate points? About the daily showing bonus as your main stream of income and the lifeblood of your stable. ~How to read show results, and what they mean. I still struggle with th...

The Foundation Rescue

Marked For Deletion: Buying & Selling H... Where Can I Buy Horses?

(content will appear here) Where is the Foundation Rescue? How to find it using the horse search. Where did these horses come from, what horses go to the Foundation Rescue? What is a "perfect foundation"? The minimum qualities of all horses in the Foundation R...

Public Sales

Marked For Deletion: Buying & Selling H... Where Can I Buy Horses?

How to find horses for public sale using the horse search.

Private Sales: Chatrooms

Marked For Deletion: Buying & Selling H... Where Can I Buy Horses?

Should this not be separated into the buying and selling sections, but its own section all about chatrooms? About chatrooms and the requirements to use them. How to buy a horse up for sale in a chatroom, and rules about reserved sales, when they're allowed, w...

How to Place a Horse for Public Sale

Marked For Deletion: Buying & Selling H... How Do I Sell a Horse?

Navigating to the control panel and setting a price. Checking if your horse is currently on the market or not. What the default price in the "sell horse" field is (previous price sold at or 2,500hbs). Why can't I place my horse for public sale? About orange g...

Private Sales: How to Use Chatrooms

Marked For Deletion: Buying & Selling H... How Do I Sell a Horse?

How to place a horse for sale in another player's chatroom. Rules and etiquette to observe. Why can't I place my horse for sale? Why am I not seeing a sales option? Required upgrades and chatroom permissions/settings. How to create your own chatroom for priva...

Pricing Guide: How Much Are My Horses Worth?

Marked For Deletion: Buying & Selling H... How Do I Sell a Horse?

The 2,500hbs minimum. Pointed creates recommended to sell at half lifetime payout. Why? And where to find that? Pricing Rank Specials and the average selling price found on the herd helper list. Things that make a horse not worth as much to some players: uneve...

Horses for Sale on the Forum

Marked For Deletion: Buying & Selling H... Where Can I Buy Horses?

The "horses for sale and auction" category of the forum. These horses may be for sale but just not on the public sales boards, waiting for a buyer before being put up for sale in a chatroom. Placing your own ISO (in search of) advertisement on the forum and l...

Placing an Ad on the Forum

Marked For Deletion: Buying & Selling H... How Do I Sell a Horse?

How to advertise your horses for sale on the forum. Listing a price or asking for offers.

The Public Auction House

Marked For Deletion: Buying & Selling H... Auctions: Placing Horses for Auction an...

About the Public Auction House page. What it is, when it runs. How to view the catalogue, use the horse search to view all horses up for auction. How to enter your horses in the auction and how to place bids. Your bid watcher.