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Your Horse's Page

Concept: A tour of the tabs, information, and options found on a horse's page. Opportunity to link to other pages throughout the wiki that cover these topics in more detail.


    Horse Info

        Screenshot and rundown of information w/ links to relevant pages: eras, breeder’s clubs, your daily showing bonus, etc.


        Pedigree and offspring (link to foundation and lined horses page?) Image examples of pedigrees for lined horses. A note that pedigrees with too many antecedents will simply freeze.

1G Pedigree.jpg

2G Pedigree.png

3G Pedigree.png

full ped.jpg



        About show records, link to page about how to read show results

        Damages, what do they mean?

        Sales record

    Control Panel

        Rename, sell, breed, move, edit notes, auction, sell back to game (link to page?), etc.


        Basic explanation, link to page about tack