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All About Appaloosas (WIP)

This section will include what is known about Appaloosas in the game. Work in Progress by Cheshire Farms (Bluegrass Server)

Breeding Your Horses

Articles on how to use various breeding methods: in-house, pasture, and using the Advanced Breeding Lab. More on basic color ge...

Buying & Selling Horses

Information about buying and selling your horses to other players and to the auction.

Cloning, Boosting, and Genetic Modification

Eras, Clubs & Leaderboards

An overview of how eras, breeder clubs, and leaderboards work.

Fantasy Genes and Chimeras

Games, Contests, and Giveaways

On the forum is a section for games, contests, and giveaways hosted by players.

Genetics 101

How to read the code, errors, lethal foals

Growing Your Show Herd

An in-depth guide to building your show herd.

How Can I Help?

How to contribute to and submit requests for information to be added to the wiki.

How to Use the Wiki

Investment Voucher (IV) Exchange

(placeholder copy) The Voucher Exchange is your one-stop shop to buy all sorts of add-ons and goodies for your stable. These pu...

Learning Your Way Around: How to Use the H&J Site

Signing up. Orientation on how to navigate the site/your stable, rundown of major locations (your primary barn, your primary pa...

Lots of Fun & Free to Play!

Is this game really free to play? Yes! Recent changes ensure that the game is even more interesting for new accounts on a limi...

Marked For Deletion: Buying & Selling Horses (old version)

About the public sales board, private chatroom sales, the public auction house, the Foundation Rescue, the Lined Rescue, buying...

New Article (Green)

Can't keep the organization straight in my head, needed a visual

Phenotype Variation (in Uncategorized)

Should we have an article like this to talk about the variation that can still happen among horses that have the same genotype?...


Glossary, plus other resources like charts, tables, "cheat sheets" that appear in other guides could also be found separately h...