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Using the Create a Horse Page

Every horse that exists in the game was created by players, and you can create a horse any time you like on the create a horse page!

The Create a Horse Form

    (screenshot of regular create a horse form, not herd helper form.)

This form allows you to add customized horses to the game. Color genetics, breeding ability, and showing ability are completely random within the range possible for new creates, unless you’re using a herd helper. (Link to creatable colors list.)

    name, gender, height, size, (link to about different sizes of horses) age (link to calendar page that could include info on important ages for horses, i.e. when they can start training, when they can breed, when they can be auctioned for lifetime payout, when they could die, when they can no longer breed.)

Your Daily Herd Helper

    What Are Herd Helpers?

        How to reroll and activate. About how many HHs there are, the ranks, deciding whether to activate, etc. Creating HH creates is just like creating regular creates, only they will be ensured to have certain qualities defined by the HH.

   What to Do When You Run Out of Creates?

The lower the rank the LESS rare the color or, color combination, or ability. Most daily herd helpers are Ranks 1,2, and 3.

  • Rank 1 includes (but is not limited to): Bay, or Black, or Chestnut, Super Consistent, Great Show Horses
  • Rank 2 includes (but is not limited to): White 1(+base color), and (base color) Tobiano
  • Rank 3 includes (but is not limited to): Bay Roan Dun Splash, Blue Roan Appaloosa, Exceptional Show Horses
  • Rank 4 includes (but is not limited to): Homozygous Splash, Homozygous Rabicano, Splash Appaloosa
  • Rank 5 includes (but is not limited to): Het. Sabino 1
  • Rank 6 is Special herd helpers from Ammit.

       Share your HH to earn more! HH shares, sharing and clicking on other player's shares.

You may notice your HH horses have something called a somatic tattoo. This "labels" the horse as having been created using the particular HH and is searchable on the search horses page (link). But HH tattoos are not the only somatic tattoos in the game. Later, you can also create and apply your own tattoos to horses! (Learn more, link.)

Your Horse Creation Allowance (250 per day)

Special Create Events

    Blackout, appy hour, sea pony/candy (link to GMT page), sabino 1, DP, gray, champagne, etc.

Mention the lottery?

Upcoming Herd Helper Special Events section. Special herd helper shares scheduled over the next 60 days. Be sure to log in to activate them or you'll miss out!

Copied from the HAJ FAQ page: 

  • How do I get horses?
    • Go to the navigation panel and click "Stable Home". Scroll down to "Create A Horse".
    • In the “Create A Horse” section you may give your horse a name, select the gender, decide if the animal will be horse or pony sized, and if you want to start with foals, or horses up to 4 years old.
    • If the name you select is already in use a message will appear telling you so, and you will need to pick another name.
    • If you want to use the horses unique ID number as its name, simply put the # sign in the box for the horses name. You can also combine the # with other words (ex: Bay Mare #). You can rename the horse later.
    • General Information about creating horses
      • Basic horses, made on the “Create A Horse” page, are called “Foundation” horses, since they will be the foundation of your breeding and showing herds.
      • Each Foundation horse costs 2500 Hbs to create.
      • The color of your horse will be 100% random.
      • Foals/Yearlings do not train until they turn 2 years old.
      • Stallions cannot breed until they are 3 years old.
      • Mares cannot have foals until they are 4 years old.
      • Horses will live to be at least 17 years old. After that point they might pass away at the beginning of the next game year, or live for several more years
      • Your new horse will have a random number of points earned from showing. Those will be very important as you begin to play! (See How Do Shows Work section

What is a Daily Herd Helper?
Every day you'll be given a Herd Helper (HH) on the Create A Horse page that you can activate to help you get special colors or abilities. (See the Herd Helpers section for more detailed information)

A full list of herd helpers can be viewed on your member home page, under Account and Stable Management. Look for the link that reads "My Herd Helper Collection".

What is up with this crazy colored horse? It's a Candy horse!

      • Candy horses are marked with peppermint stripes. These horses have special Gene Modification Treatment tokens attached. You can use the token to modify a color or quality on one of your own horses, or sell the horse AND THE TOKEN, for quite a bit of cash.
      • Candy horses can appear when you are creating new horses, but they are very rare and very random! The candy pattern is temporary and does not pass genetically to any offspring.
      • In the fall, special candy corn horses can appear.  They are the same as the striped candy horses but are covered with candy corn instead.  
      • Around the winter holidays the random percentage for creating candy horses is greatly reduced, making it easier to get a candy horse.

Herd Helpers

  • What is a Herd Helper?
    • Every day each player has the ability to create as many random horses, with random genes as they have money available
      • In addition to those random creates, each member is assigned a Daily Herd Helper.
        • You will find this option on the bottom of the 'Create a Horse' page.
          • Each Herd Helper will have certain genes assigned to it, including additional bonus genes that may, or may not, affect the original genes!
            • There are a set number of creates available, which varies by the different ranks of the Herd Helper. If you share the Herd Helper on the Forum, or on Facebook, other players can use it, and you will earn additional bonus creates for every share used!
            • Daily Herd Helpers can be re-rolled 5 times without charge. You can share, or dismiss these Herd Helpers however you like.
              • If you don't particularly like the original Herd Helper you were assigned. Just don't activate it. Click re-roll this Herd Helper to get a new one to use and/or share!
                • Once you have used your 5 free re-rolls, you can get more, but they will cost you 5,000 HBs (game dollars) each. As long as you have cash available you can flip through Herd Helpers until you find one that you want to activate!
                  • If you choose to only share your Herd Helper with specific friends, you can copy the Herd Helper link and send it to your friend via a Private Message (PM).
                  • Herd Helpers are ranked 1-5 according to rarity and how 'special' they are. Exceptional Producing horses and Special Herd Helpers will be ranked a 5 and have extremely limited shares, while lower ranked Herd Helpers will have more shares and bonus creates available.
                    • Limited Edition genes will not appear as Daily Herd Helpers. Some Special/Rank 5 Herd Helpers will possess genes such as Pearl and Brindle. However, they are the exception, not the rule.
                      • Bonus! By creating horses you are eligible to receive a daily lottery bonus ranging from $10,000 HBs to $1,000,000 HBs and the occasional VERY special Candy horse that can be turned in for a Gene Modification Treatment (GMT) token!
                        • Candy horses are marked with red and white pepperment candy stripes. These horses have special Gene Modification Treatment tokens attached. You can use the token to modify a color or quality on one of your own horses. After the token has been used the candy pattern will remain until the horses picture is refreshed. The candy pattern is NOT inheritable by any of the horses offspring. If you choose to sell your candy horse with the Token included you can generally get 100-250,000 HBs for the horse. Once the token is used, the value of the horse itself will probably be around 2,500 HBs.
                          •  To receive a shared Herd Helper from another player, go the forum and scroll through all the previously shared Herd Helpers for that day.  Many times the shares will have 'run out', but you can often get a share of a herd helper you like by checking the forum under the Herd Helpers category.
                          • Activating and sharing Herd Helpers does not cost you any HBs.  If you have the time and the inclination it can benefit other players for you to share all of the Herd Helpers you get.  Even the lower ranked, less popular Herd Helpers can be helpful to another player.  
                      • Special Herd Helpers
                        • Special Herd Helpers are released very selectively, and they are rare. If a Herd Helper is shared by the main "Ammit" account, you will receive one create and cannot share for additional creates. Infrequently some of these will appear as Daily Herd Helpers, and you can activate them like regular herd helpers. Some Special Herd Helpers are SO special that they will never occur again.
                          • Unless the description of the Herd Helper specifically says Perfect Foundation, Exceptional Producer, or Exceptionally Perfect, there is no guarantee that the horse will not be spayed/neutered when tested.