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Breeding Stock & Your Show String: Understanding Breeding Advice and Performance Testing

(working title)

(Concept: there's "How to Read Genetic Test Results" to expound on that test, so there should also be an article further explaining the other testing introduced in the "Testing Your Horses" page. Also an opportunity to reassure new players that it's not a bad thing if some of their first horses were altered.)

You may have been disappointed to see some of your new horses spayed or gelded, but don't be! Your stable will need good show horses as well as breeding horses in order to thrive, and your new altered horses will be the start of your beautiful show herd.

About "failing" BA. Your horse would make a better show horse than a breeder. What does that mean? Is this horse bad?

(More on BA and PT and the value of show horses. Link to section on starting a show herd.)