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Winter Wonderland

A collection of member-created wintery backgrounds, and the game's winter backgrounds. These might be icy but they will warm any winter lover's heart. Backgrounds may be used on horses of any size and age. This pack is only available for purchase in December and costs 1 IV to purchase. Once you own this tack pack, it is always available to you.

This Tack Pack got an update during the Winter Holiday Event in 2023. Ammit and Jenx hosted an art contest on the forums, requesting December themed seasonal backgrounds. 

Old Backgrounds

Backgrounds 1.png

Backgrounds 2.png

Backgrounds from 2023


Winter Wonderland: Beach Vacation - by CheshireFarms 267351


Winter Wonderland: Forest Path - by Jessj 240996


Winter Wonderland: Evergreen Backdrop - by AlAsseelStable 175087


Winter Wonderland: Guiding Star - by AlAsseelStable 175087


Winter Wonderland: Sleepy Winter Farm - by VenomVixen 54488


Winter Wonderland: Holiday Village - by Jessj 240996


Winter Wonderland: Golden Bells - by Jessj 240996


Winter Wonderland: Gray Snowflake Backdrop - by AlAsseelStable 175087


Winter Wonderland: Silent Night Arena - by Lallyhop 45703



Winter Wonderland: Navy Snowflake Backdrop - by Lallyhop 45703



This information was updated by Cheshire Farms on the Bluegrass Server and is current as of January 2, 2024.