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Barn Builders: Stall Fronts

Build your own fully custom barn with the Barn Builders collection of tack packs. The stall front collection provides six unique barns as backgrounds and dozens of options to create the stalls of your dreams. This pack is available year-round. Stall items may be used on horses of any size and age. This Pack Costs: 20 IVs.

To use the Barn Builders tack packs, you must use the advanced tack editor! 

When adding items from this tack collection, they will all just stack in the center of the image, as shown below. You will need to add two of most items via the horse's tack page, or duplicate them in the editor, then reverse and adjust them. Please see the section on how to use the Advanced Tack Editor for more information.

Tutorial (2).jpg


Backgrounds 1.png

Dynamic Tack Colors.png

Stall Dividers


Gates (and Gate Posts)

Gate Lower, Short Posts.png

Gate Upper (1).png

Gate Upper (2).png

Stall Fronts

All of these stall front combinations are shown with Gate Lower—Metal Bars and (duplicated) Gate Post—Short.

Stall Fronts (1).png

Stall Fronts (2).png

Stall Fronts (3).png

Putting it All Together

Putting It All Together.png