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Special Horse Creation Events

Throughout the HaJ year, you may open up your create a horse page to find a special create event going on! These are site-wide events, open to all players. During these events, all horses may be guaranteed to have a certain gene or for some events the chances of creating otherwise rare horses are increased. Most of these are scheduled events, but every once in a while, one may be activated as a surprise with little or no notice. Below is a rundown of each creation event and when to look for it.

(Note: I don't remember the actual names for all of the events. We'll have to find those.)

The Big Splash

This is a summer celebration event where creates can randomly come out as Sea Ponies! Sea Ponies have fins and a tail and appear on a seascape backdrop. They are worth one GMT each and can be turned in just like Candy Ponies, which will end the sea curse and turn them back into regular, four-legged horses. There are 15 tail colors, 5 different tails for each bone weight. Why not collect them all?

Candy Horse Event (what's this called?)

Candy horses can also be created randomly year-round, but they are rare.

Candy Corn Horse Event


Sugar on Top

Exceptional Brindle Event (what's this one called?)

Champagne Event

Gray Event

Deep Thoughts (DP Event)

Appy Hour

Fridays from 4 to 5pm game time, all horses are guaranteed to be heterozygous for the appaloosa gene.

Witching Hour

Saturday nights from 1 to 2am game time, all horses are guaranteed to be true breeding black.