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Special Horse Creation Events

Throughout the HaJ year, you may open up your create a horse page to find a special create event going on! These are site-wide events, open to all players. During these events, all horses may be guaranteed to have a certain gene or for some events the chances of creating otherwise rare horses are increased. Most of these are scheduled events, but every once in a while, one may be activated as a surprise with little or no notice. Below is a rundown of each creation event and when to look for it.

(Note: I don't remember the actual names for all of the events. We'll have to find those.)

The Big Splash

This is a summer celebration event that takes place in June where creates can randomly come out as Sea Ponies! Sea Ponies have fins and a tail and appear on a seascape backdrop. They are worth one GMT each and can be turned in just like Candy Ponies, which will end the sea curse and turn them back into regular, four-legged horses. There are 15 tail colors, 5 different tails for each bone weight. Why not collect them all? Note: foals created during this event can come out sea ponies but won't show a tail, only the seascape backdrop until they turn two years old.

Candy Horse Event (Candy Time)

Candy horses can also be created randomly year-round, but they are rare.

Candy Corn Horse Event


Sugar on Top

Exceptional Producing Brindle Event

Champagne Event

Gray Event

Deep Thoughts (DP Event)

Appy Hour

Fridays from 4 to 5pm game time, all horses are guaranteed to be heterozygous for the appaloosa gene.

Witching Hour

Saturday nights from 1 to 2am game time, all horses are guaranteed to be true breeding black. Herd helpers used during this time that have silver or champagne will keep it but will lose cream, dun, and gray.