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How to Use the Search Tool (Under Construction by Folly's Fantasies)

The horse search is a powerful tool that will let you see how different combinations of genes might look, as well as find horses to buy or breed to. It can be tricky to learn, but once you have followed the steps in this tutorial you will be able to find whatever you want, whenever you want.

The search tool has 4 tabs, and each includes several different parameters to refine your search. 

Key Filters Tab

The key filters tab lets you find horses by name, color name, bone weight, for sale or breeding, or within a specific age range or era, as well as other options.

Search-Key Filters Tab.png

Pigment Modifiers Tab

The pigment modifiers tab lets you refine your search by specific non-fantasy gene combinations, along with a couple of other options. Looking for grullo or a liver chestnut? Here's where to look.

Search-Pigment Modifiers Tab.png

White Markings Tab

The white markings tab is exactly that - search horses by what pattern and how much white they have. Want a pinto? Want a solid black with no white at all? Look here. 

Search-White Marks Tab.png

Fantasy Tab

This tab is specifically for fantasy genes and is a wonderful place to look to see what that gene you're considering buying might look like on different base colors. 

Search-Fantasy Tab.png

Key Filters

Horse Name

The first box on the key filters tab is for searching by the horse's name. If you know you named a horse "Romeo" but you can't remember which barn you put him in, start here. You can also find horses by name using just a few characters. For example, use the name "Spot."