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How to Change Fonts in Owners Notes, Forum Posts, and Messages

Changing fonts is not possible in the Personal Notes section on your home page.

Bold, Italic, and Underlined Text

<b> Will make your text bold, and </b> will stop the bold text.

<i> Will make your text italic, and </i> will stop the italic text.

<u> Will underline your text, and </u> will stop the underlining.

You can also use two or more of them in combination!

<b><i> Bold Italic! </i></b> and <b><i><u> Bold Underlined Italic! </u></i></b>

Make sure you use your <begin> and </end> commands in the same order. Note how the commands above are structured: b, i, u, text, /u, /i, /b. Think of this as a series of doors you are walking through - the last one you opened is the first one you'll walk through on your way back. This will apply to any HTML commands you use within your text.

Changing Text Color

To change the color of your font, you can use the COLOR attribute. 

<font color="Red">This text will be red.</font> and <font color="DarkTurquoise">This text will be Dark Turquoise.</font>

At one time you could specify the hex code for a particular color, but that seems to have changed. Currently it wants you to use a specific color name inside the quotes. But don't worry, there are 240 colors available! There's a color chart (somewhere? It won't let me upload it)

Changing Text Size

You can change the size of your text using the SIZE attribute.

<font size=