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I Need Help: How Can I Contact an Administrator?

Make a forum post first!

  • Most questions can be answered by other forum members and you will get the fastest answer by simply making a post. Additionally, things like bug reports really must be on the forum for them to be addressed.
  • If you have problems getting PayPal to work please make a forum post. We do not own PayPal and have very limited ability to troubleshoot Paypal problems. You will get the best answers by posting on the forum.
  • If you made a PayPal payment and there is an issue with it showing up on the site then please send a private message to Ammit with a description of the issue.

Private questions such as issues of account locking, PayPal payments, and other personal issues can be addressed to Ammit on the forum.

  • How to send a private message:
  • Log into the forum and click the "Inbox" link from the forum header.
  • Click the "Start A New Conversation" button from the right-hand side.
  • In the first box type "Ammit" as the recipient. In the second box type the problem you are having.
    • In order to provide you with the best possible customer service, we do not maintain a support email. If you have an issue please directly contact us via the forum. Please do not send questions via email as they will likely not be seen. By using the forum we can see your game account instantly and this greatly cuts down on the back and forth we have to do to address your issue.