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Marked For Deletion: Buying & Selling Horses (old version)

About the public sales board, private chatroom sales, the public auction house, the Foundation Rescue, the Lined Rescue, buying/selling on the forum, pricing your horses, selling back to the game, about the HuntAndJump Auction Bidder, etc.

Question: Are the "How to Buy" and "How to Sell" sections useful? Or just making it awkward when chatroom subsections are split between them rather than a single section on "Private Sales: Buying & Selling Using Chatrooms"? Same with how to buy/sell with forum ads?

Maybe it would be better to not use sections, just subsections:

The Public Sales Board: Buying & Placing Horses for Public Sale
The Foundation Rescue
Private Sales: How to Buy & Sell Using Chatrooms
Buying & Selling on the Forum
Selling Your Horse Back to the Game
The Public Auction House
The Lined Horse Rescue
The HuntAndJump Auction Bidder
Pricing Guide: How Much Are My Horses Worth?

Where Can I Buy Horses?

How Do I Sell a Horse?

Maybe talk about misconception that horse sales is going to be a major income for stables. About ...

Auctions: Placing Horses for Auction and Bidding