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Basic Information About Accounts

How to create a new account. Free accounts are limited to three per household. All accounts within the same household must use the same email address.

Tips for selecting a user name. This will be your identity as a player and on the forum, not just used for login, so you might like to pick something you would use as the name of a farm or stable.

  • Create all of the accounts in your household using the same email address
  • Do not create more than three free accounts to prevent your accounts from being locked. You may own as many upgraded accounts as you like.
  • Everything costs money! The currency used on Hunt and Jump is referred to as HBs, or Horsebucks.
  • Take your time! Use your first couple of breeding seasons to get a feel for how the game works, and what is available. Start a herd of show horses to earn extra spending money for your barn. Then set your focus on more specific goals like color and quality.
    • One of the best parts of Hunt And Jump is that the pace is more relaxed and therefore more enjoyable!

Can I Change My Username and Stable Name?

    • Yes, but only if your account is less than 2 weeks old, or has symbols other than letters and numbers, in which case you may change your Username for free.
    • Existing accounts may change their username for a cost of 4 GMTs (GMT is officially Gene Modification Treatment tokens. They are also used for purchases other than Gene Modification, though!).

Why does it say my account is associated with someone else's account?

  • Internet Service Providers are given a block of numbers called IP addresses that are rotated for their users. Each time a user logs on, their computer is given one of those IP addresses. When that user ends the session, that IP address is released for use by another user. So, if your Internet Service Provider is a large, national one, you can become associated with another user somewhere else because you both have been randomly assigned the same IP address at some time.

    Unless you are paying to have a stable IP address, you will frequently have a different one each time you log into the Internet.

  • There may be a similar mechanism involved with phone access to the internet. If both you and the other player have the same cell phone carrier and they use a rotating block of these numbers, you could easily have become suddenly, randomly associated.