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Onyx is a fantasy variation of the dun gene. It creates bold body stripes and face masks. It needs one copy to show and is reduced in visual intensity by nd1 and dun.

Onyx is available to purchase via the Random Gene Sale. The price is $15 for one copy, and it only needs one copy to show. This gene is closed. You will receive a breeder's license for this gene when you purchase it, and you may not share this gene with unlicensed players.

Onyx horses have the word onyx in the color name. Because Onyx is located on the dun locus, you will find it under Dun on the Pigment Modifiers tab in search.

These images are only a small selection of the possible expressions of onyx. Onyx will also work with other fantasy genes! Please use the search to find more examples.

Black Onyx.png

Red Onyx.png

Bay Onyx.png

Onyx (4).png