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The Public Auction House

Discuss the following. Remember to link to other articles/subsections as needed.

  • Who is the HuntAndJump Auction Bidder? (Mention and link: selling back to game)
  • What the Public Auction House is, when auctions run, minimum bids (2,500 or CLP)
  • How to view the catalogue, use the horse search to view all horses up for auction
  • How to enter/remove your horses in the auction and how to place bids, including your bid watcher
  • What happens if you don't have enough money to pay for a horse you've won

How Do The Auctions Work?

    • The auction runs three times a week; Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. You can bid on horses from 6am to 8pm EST. Horses cannot be entered in auctions as they are running, and must be entered before 6am the day the auction is set to run.
    • You can enter your horses through their individual page by clicking the "Control Panel" tab, going to "Manage Your Entries", and selecting "Auction This Horse" or by going to the Public Auction House page and selecting "Enter A Horse". If you change your mind prior to the auction starting you can select "Manage Entries" and remove whatever horses you wish. All sales are final.
    • You can view horses in the auction by going to the "Search Horses" tab under Community and select "For Auction" as their status. A complete list of entered horses will be generated. You can open individual horses page to bid on that horse.