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Pricing Guide: How Much Are My Horses Worth?

Discuss the following. Remember to link to other articles/subsections as needed.

  • The suggested 2,500hbs recommended price for new creates
  • Why it is recommended to sell pointed creates at half their current lifetime payout (CLP). (And where to find the CLP - this should link back to where CLP is discussed in full.)
  • Rank Specials and the average selling price found on the herd helper list.
  • Things that may make a horse not worth as much to some players (uneven breeding, inbreeding [even though it has no real effect in the game], not putting a horse through all available testing.
  • Touch on auctioning (minimum bid 2500 or CLP depending on age/points). Link to the section on auctioning.

The 2500 HB Line

    • HB is the abbreviation for the currency used on Hunt & Jump games.
    • For the most part, horses are worth the create price of 2500 HBs because:
      • Anyone can make a new horse on the Create A Horse page and, for 2500 HBs, get a basic foundation horse in just about any color.
      • Herd Helpers, even colorful ones with interesting patterns, are extremely common, and vary from day to day.
      • For 2750 HBs, anyone can buy a perfect foundation horse from the Foundation Rescue, which comes with a guarantee that the horse is an excellent breeding animal and an excellent show horse all in one.


  • Buying and Selling Rank Specials
      • Upon occasion you may have the good luck to get, or get a share in, a Rank Special (RS) horse from a Herd Helper (see the Herd Helpers section). What makes these horses special are their rare genes, or combinations of genes, and the fact that they are often exceptional breeding animals.
        • Rank Specials are frequently worth more than 2500 HBs, but:
          • Not every Rank Special will work for every players herd. Someone who really wants a Freaky Friday RS, may not be interested in a Wet and Wild RS.
          • Basic supply and demand. There is no set pattern for the availablity of Rank Special horses. Except for the Freaky Friday RS (which is available every Friday the 13th), there is no way to predict how often one type may be available.
          • While all Rank Specials are the equivialent of a Perfect Foundation horse, some can be Exceptional Producers or Exceptionally Perfect, which are likely to be more desirable.
          • Knowing the market value of individual Rank Specials comes with practice and experience.
      • The best way to determine the value of a Rank Special is to visit the forum or the Facebook page and ask other players. You might find a player who would be willing to buy your horse, or find someone who has already put out a Wanted ad for that type of horse.
      • You can also use the Search feature to see if there are any similar Rank Special horses currently for sale, and compare the prices.
        • Tip: use the specific name of the Rank Special, like Dark Chocolate or All Washed Up in the tattoo search bar to find them.
      • Herd Helpers are 'Ranked' by how commonly the colors and combination of colors occur in the game.
        • Rank 1 is usually basic bay, black, or chestnut.
        • Rank 3 can include combinations like Silver Buckskin or traits such as Top Notch Producers.
        • Rank 5 has combinations that are even more rare, like Homozygous Champagne and Splash or Exceptionally Perfect.
        • The most rare combinations you can get from a Herd Helper are the Rank Specials. There are even some that are IMPOSSIBLE in real life!
  • Rare Genes
      • Very few genes are rare enough to add extra value to a horses sale price. The longer a gene has been available, the less value it has. The rarest genes, the limited edition fantasy colors, are only available for in game purchase by players who own a license for that specific gene. The majority of these genes require an original purchase with real money, and are only occasionally available for sale to the public.
        • Anyone may own spayed or gelded horses of any color.
  • The Market Decides
    • If you're really not sure what your horse might be worth you can enter it into the public auction. The auction guarantees you a minimum price of 2500 HBs.
      • If the horse does not qualify for rescue, and no one bids on it in the auction it will be purchased by the Hunt & Jump Auction Bidder and removed from the game.
    • Running your own auction on a forum thread can be very worthwhile to learn the going rate for various types and colors of horses. If you do decide to run an auction on the forum there are some things you should know:
      • All bids MUST be publicly listed in the forum auction thread; taking private bids via private message is prohibited.
      • You should include a definite ending date and time for the auction.
      • There are some players who, for whatever reason, do not participate in the forum and will not see that your horse is available. Those same players may, however, see the public sales boards, or visit the public auction house.