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Posting Your Horses for Stud or Brood

Can I put conditions or restrictions on my publicly listed breeding horses?

  • Horses posted for public breeding may NOT have any rules or restrictions on who may use them, or which horses may be bred to them, or what can or should be done with the foals that result from that breeding.
  • Horses advertised in Public chat rooms (or rooms with more than 5 members) may not have any rules or restrictions placed on breeding, but horses in PRIVATE chat rooms may.
  • Statements in the owners notes of a horse standing for public breeding that indicate conditions or restrictions are not allowed.
    • Restrictions in a horses owner notes are allowed AS LONG AS THE HORSE IS NOT STANDING FOR PUBLIC BREEDING OR SALE.

Why Can't I Put This Stallion/Mare Up For Public Breeding?

Check for the following situations;

  • Is this horse old enough to breed
  • If your horse is a mare, any of the following situations could cause her to be done breeding for the season:
    • Has she already produced a foal of her own this year (check her Foals This Year count)
    • Has she undergone a mass egg flush? (check her standing in the Advanced Breeding Lab, at the Egg collection link)
    • Did a previous breeding this season involve a lethal combination of genes resulting in a foal that did not survive? (There is no record of deceased foals)
    • Are you SURE you didn’t sell the foal back to the game? (It happens a lot!)
    • If you are using live cover, has the stallion had more than 50 live cover foals this season?
  • Breeding horses with Limited Edition and Fantasy genes (which are bought with real life money) is not allowed on the public market. These genes can only be shared between other owners of that particular gene. (For example: If you have a blue Axiom stallion you can only sell straws and obtain eggs from others who own blue Axiom mares. Breeding Red Axiom horses requires that both parties own Red Axiom horses)
    • There are special chat rooms available for these sales/breedings.