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Pasture Breeding

Discuss the pros and cons of using pastures to breed. Discuss auto-breeding.

Why can't I breed my pasture horses?

    • Double check the following possibilities
      • Pastures open on the 5th day of the month if you spent real money on the game in the past month, and on the 7th if you did not.
      • Are all of the mares over 3 years old, and younger than 20?
        Is your stallion over 2 years old, and younger than 20?
      • Have the mares already been bred (check live cover and/or embryo transfer)?
      • Is breeding season still open? Breeding season ends on the 28th of each month


    • Pastures allow you to breed large numbers of horses at one time at reduced costs, and with special bonuses.
      • Pasture breeding costs 500 HBs per mare
      • Pastures which hold 100 mares can also hold up to 3 stallions
        • During breeding season those 3 stallions will randomly breed the available mares.
      • Horse must be older than 2 years to go into the pasture
      • Mares 20 years old and over will stay in the pasture until you remove them, but will not breed
      • Horses in pasture do not show
        • Their total show points will still count towards your daily showing bonus, but they will not earn new points.
      • On the 14th of each month pastures will automatically breed as long as there are both stallions and mares in that pasture
      • On the 28th of the month, all foals remaining in the pasture will be sold back to the game and you will receive 1000 HBs for each foal
    • You can move your mares and stallions into the pasture to breed them at the reduced cost, then pull them back out into the barns to show, or you can leave your mares in the pasture all season to receive additional bonuses.
      • Pasture bonuses accrue to mares only
      • Pasture bonuses affect the foals breeding quality only, not showing/training ability
      • The full pasture bonus is acquired at 30 + days in the pasture.
        • While the full pasture bonus takes 30 days to accumulate, some people choose to accept less than the full bonus and breed pastured mares earlier than 30 days.
      • You can move a mare from pasture to pasture with no change in the pasture bonus.  You can move a mare to a barn for a short period of time without losing the pasture bonus.  The mare has to be back in the pasture by the next nightly rollover (The Cinderella Effect).  All times are calculated using Eastern Standard Time (USA).  If the mare remains out of the pasture after that roll over, their daily pasture bonus will reset to 0 and start all over when they are returned to the pasture.  
    • Each player starts with one pasture. Additional pastures may be purchased for real money at the Upgrades and Extras link.