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Your First Horses

Learning about your first horses in the game. Should the player be encouraged to only create horses at this point or should there be a basic buying guide here? Or maybe this article could stick to creating and evaluating untested horses and a basic buying/sell...

Breeding Your Horses

Articles on how to use various breeding methods: in-house, pasture, and using the Advanced Breeding Lab. More on basic color genetics, punnett squares, crossing two horses (what to look for beyond reading individual genetic testing results), warning about leth...

Lots of Fun & Free to Play!

Is this game really free to play? Yes! Recent changes ensure that the game is even more interesting for new accounts on a limited budget! There are options and upgrades that you can purchase both with game cash and real money, if you want, but you are in no w...

Marked For Deletion: Buying & Selling Horses (old version)

About the public sales board, private chatroom sales, the public auction house, the Foundation Rescue, the Lined Rescue, buying/selling on the forum, pricing your horses, selling back to the game, about the HuntAndJump Auction Bidder, etc. Question: Are the...

Learning Your Way Around: How to Use the H&J Site

Signing up. Orientation on how to navigate the site/your stable, rundown of major locations (your primary barn, your primary pasture, how to use the horse search, etc.) The achievement tasks as a walk-through. (working title)


Glossary, plus other resources like charts, tables, "cheat sheets" that appear in other guides could also be found separately here. Maybe this should be moved out somewhere more prominent for all players?

Special Events

Rundown of each create event (sea/candy pony, special color events) and when they might be held, H&J birthday event in June, the gift exchanges? Special event only herd helpers and when they might be shared?

Where Can I Get More Horses? (in Uncategorized)

Potential article to add. Basic buying and selling. Could be merged as a section in Your First Horses after "Pointed Creates." Or keep it here and rename it to "How to Find More Horses" or something so it can have the horse search tutorial in it? ~This almost ...

Tattoos: Labeling and Organizing Your Horses

Did you know that there are more ways to label and organize the horses in your herd? This section discusses tattoos, tattoo slots, and how to use them.

Upgrades and Add-ons

About account upgrades and purchases, additional barns, pastures, game cash, tokens, and rare genes. Real money purchasing only here, and link to the IV purchase pages for items that are available there.

Investment Voucher (IV) Exchange

(placeholder copy) The Voucher Exchange is your one-stop shop to buy all sorts of add-ons and goodies for your stable. These purchases aren't available for HBs, but another type of HaJ currency called investment vouchers (IVs). You can convert your HBs by purc...

Genetics 101

How to read the code, errors, lethal foals

Buying & Selling Horses

Information about buying and selling your horses to other players and to the auction.

Phenotype Variation (in Uncategorized)

Should we have an article like this to talk about the variation that can still happen among horses that have the same genotype? Or just include things like this in other areas of the genetics category? Like appy bronzing, maybe just talk about that in a page a...



Our makeshift trash bin before we delete stuff for sure.