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Advanced Facilities

What Are They?

      • The Advanced Facilities section provides you with access to the very best and most recent scientific advancements in equine care and reproduction. Fair warning, though, this level of research and development does not come cheap!
        • Some sections of the Advanced Facilities are open for all members to use. You can:
          • Use Boost tokens to increase your horses breeding ability
          • Use Gene Modification Treatments tokens to change or add colors or traits to your horse
          • Unalter a horse which has been spayed or gelded
        • The Advanced Facilities which are available to members with a Basic Upgrade include:
          • Access the Advanced Breeding Lab to:
            • Collect straws
            • Sell straws or eggs
        • Premium Upgraded members can use the Advanced Facilities to:
          • Access the Advanced Breeding Lab to:
            • Create to implant, or sell embryos
          • Clone a favorite horse to produce a nearly perfect duplicate
          • Access the option to download selected data about their entire herd

Where are the Advanced Facilities?

    • You can access these features by scrolling down the left navigation bar to, and clicking on, "Advanced Facilities" and then using the links contained within the drop down menu.