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What Can I Use IVs For?


What Are Investment Vouchers (IVs), and Where Can I Get Them?


Account Merging


Gifting to Other Players

Upgrades and Add-ons

How to do it. Link to Gift Exchange page.

Unaltering Your Horses

Cloning, Boosting, and Genetic Modifica...

Define what unaltering is (uses a GMT). Note limitations: you can only unalter one you've bred; breeding quality does not change due to unaltering (a horse that failed Breeding Advice before will still fail). Discuss why you might or might not want to unalter ...

Marked for deletion; content covered elsewhere


Unable to move this subsection to trash, assuming because the Uncategorized category has been marked as invisible. Where Can I Get Gene Modification Tokens (GMTs)? About purchasing GMTs for IVs and for real money. The chance of creating a candy pony on the c...

Using the Gene Mod Treatment (GMT) Lab

Cloning, Boosting, and Genetic Modifica...

This subsection discusses how to use the GMT lab. Discuss how to choose a horse from the dropdown menu at top (and bottom) of the page, and how to access the Lab directly from a horse's page. Describe how to make the allele changes and discuss chimera manageme...

Breeding Season

Breeding Your Horses

When breeding season starts and ends. What happens when it ends? Foals need to be removed from pasture. Horses age up at the end of the year. What you can still do outside of breeding season. When breeding will open for you, depending on upgrade/purchases. Whe...

Bootstrapping: The Quickest Way to Build a Show Herd

Breeding Your Horses

Definition: What is bootstrapping? How to get started: tips for finding a stud, saving space by leaving mares in pasture, etc. Pros and cons of bootstrapping Colors, fun to do! Higher PTs quicker for better show ponies Takes up space that said show po...

Generations And Lined Breeding

Breeding Your Horses

Discuss the difference between foundations and lined horses, and even vs uneven breeding (no game effect from this). Give some detail on G2/G3/G+ horses.  Pros and Cons of even breeding, uneven breeding, or bootstrapping (i.e. Pros: good indicator of quality ...

Improving Your Bloodlines: Making the Most of Testing

Breeding Your Horses

Explain the strategy of using testing to improve bloodlines, something more in depth than page on basic testing in the Getting Started category. How to efficiently use comparison testing in your breeding program, which horses to compare to each other (parent, ...

How to Decide Which Horses to Breed

Breeding Your Horses

Discuss: Understanding genetics and inheritance, lethal genes (why did my foal not survive), breeding quality basics - link this to the Improving Your Bloodlines content. Remember to link to other articles/subsections as needed. What Should I Breed For? ...

Pasture Breeding

Breeding Your Horses

Discuss the pros and cons of using pastures to breed. Discuss auto-breeding. Why can't I breed my pasture horses? Double check the following possibilities Pastures open on the 5th day of the month if you spent real money on the game in the past mont...

Live Cover Breeding

Breeding Your Horses

Breeding your horses To breed two horses you own, open either the mare's or the stallion's page. Go to the Control Panel tab and select the "In-house Breeding" button. Go to the section that says Horse Breeding (usually the topmost option) and click the dr...

Height & Bone: What Happens If I Cross A Riding Pony With A Draft?

Breeding Your Horses

About the heights and bone weights of horses, what happens if you cross them, how these traits are inherited in the game, what difference they make. Unlike real life, it's no problem to breed a tiny pony mare to a huge draft stallion. How to pick which you wan...

Breeder Clubs & Leaderboards (Reuse Content from Category 5)

Growing Your Show Herd

Discuss what the Breeders Clubs are, and what qualifications are required to be eligible for the leaderboard categories. Remember that this content is in the Show Herd article, so focus on the show-related aspects of the leaderboards (breeding-related leaderbo...

Lethal White: Why Did My Foal Not Survive? (under construction by Stormwood)

Genetics 101

Hunt and Jump utilizes real life genetics, which is one of the coolest parts of the game!  Lethal white is well known in frame overo horses, the lethal white overo syndrome (LWO) is the result of a mutation in the endothelin receptor B (ENDRB) gene. One copy ...

Chimeras: Like Two Horses in One

Genetics 101

(working title) What is a chimera? Why do they happen? How to get them in the game. Herd helpers that create chimera horses. The chance of randomly creating a chimera on the create a horse page? How to breed for them, the chances of a chimera and non-chimera t...

The Genetics of This Horse Is in Error: What Happened?

Genetics 101

About the create a horse page not loading fully and failing to generate genetics for a newly created horse. This is a glitch and these horses should not be bred. They will be automatically spayed or gelded as soon as their pages are opened. Not the same as the...

How to Read Genetic Testing Results (Under Construction by CLynnRose)

Genetics 101

Keep this section basic, and link to the official genetics guide when/where available. Mention the "check all" box when viewing a horse's page. This is about understanding the code, not figuring out what the genes do. Linking page content test: