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IV Shopping

Overview of everything on the IV Shopping page. Maybe merge with "What Can I Use IVs For?" and use both titles as title: subtitle? Screenshots for each item to point out exactly what the player should be seeing.

Portrait Rerolls

This isn't an IV purchase item, but it can be found at the top of the IV Shopping page. About the differences between rerolling, refreshing, and regenerating your horse's image.

Gene Modification Tokens

Briefly about GMTs and what they can be used for. Links to more detailed pages (GMT lab, about user name changes).

Boost Tokens

About 1% and 5% boosts. Briefly about how to use them with link to more detailed info.


Barn sizes available to buy with IVs. Explain the percentage increase in cost the more non-primary-barn stalls you have (can be in excess of 100%) and the cutoff at 10,000 stalls after which barns can only be purchased for real money (link).

Basic Upgrade

About basic upgrade features. Reuse content from Upgrades page so it is always consistent? As long as we are including information on IV cost on the upgrade page this will work  --Follies

Tack Packs

Briefly about tack packs and links to the tack pack pages of the wiki. Mention not all tack packs will always be available in IV Shopping. Some appear only seasonally, so grab them while you can!