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Introduction to the Search Tool (Under Construction by Follies)

This article is intended to give you a basic overview of the search tool. You can find an exhaustingly in-depth tutorial here: How to Use the Search Tool.

The default sorting order for search results is by ID number. In general, you will see the oldest horses first.

1. Key Filters tab

Try it yourself! Search for horses with a name of your choice.

Try it yourself! 1) How many HAJ Ambassadors are there? 2) Search for all horses that are currently listed both for sale and for auction.

When searching by age, please note that the "Equal To" field should not be filled in if any other field is in use! Searching for horses older than 5 and equal to 3 years will give you no results at all. 

Try it yourself! Search for all horses currently between the ages of 6 and 8. (Hint: younger than 9, older than 5.)

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