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Breeding Your Horses

Articles on how to use various breeding methods: in-house, pasture, and using the Advanced Breeding Lab. More on basic color genetics, punnett squares, crossing two horses (what to look for beyond reading individual genetic testing results), warning about lethal genes. What to breed for, tips on deciding on breeding goals? Breeding ability, what it means to breed horses of equal ability. Links to advanced topics of boosting, uneven vs. even breeding, and bootstrapping. Discuss what the Breeders Clubs are, and what qualifications are required to be eligible for the leaderboard categories. Remember that this content is in the Show Herd article, so focus on the show-related aspects of the leaderboards (breeding-related leaderboard content should in the Breeding Your Horses article). Touch on how to search for horses that belong to a given club. Remember to link to other articles/subsections as needed.

Breeding 101: The Basics

Breeding Season

When breeding season starts and ends. What happens when it ends? Foals need to be removed from pasture. Horses age up at the end of the year. What you can still do outside of breeding season. When breeding will open for you, depending on upgrade/purchases. When pastures will open for you.

(Parts of this can be reused in the Game Time vs Real Time subsection in Learning Your Way, or link to here from there.)

Live Cover Breeding

Breeding your horses

To breed two horses you own, open either the mare's or the stallion's page. Mares need to be 4 years old and Stallions need to be 3 (Horses age 1 year at the end of the month no matter when they were created in the month). Go to the Control Panel tab and select the "In-house Breeding" button.

In-House Breeding (1).png

Go to the section that says Horse Breeding (usually the topmost option) and click the drop-down box to select the horse to which you would like to breed and then enter a name for your foal. Names can be changed very easily later, so don't worry about being stuck with something you don't like. If you can't think of a name right now, just enter a hashtag (#) and the horse's name will simply be its unique ID number. If the name you chose isn't available, the game will not create the foal and will instead give you a notification that the name "is already in use, please choose a unique name." (Using the hashtag alone or as part of your chosen name will prevent this error from occurring.)

Since this particular account currently has a premium upgrade, there are additional breeding options available. Basic upgrade accounts may collect and use straws; only premium upgrades have access to egg and embryo breeding.


You will be charged 1,000 HBs for vet bills. You will get a notice showing you an image of your new foal, and the foal will be placed in your Primary Barn.  

In-House Breeding-Live Cover (6).png

Since Hunt And Jump uses very realistic genetics there is a chance your foal may not survive based on the extent of the white patterns it might have.  This is usually not a problem with Foundation (newly created) horses, but you should be aware that it could happen.  

There is also a slight chance your mare could have twins!  The chances are slim, but don't be surprised if you get 2 for the price of 1!

(Screenshot needed)

Inbreeding and linebreeding (breeding parents to offspring, siblings to each other, etc.) have no consequences on Hunt And Jump.

Other In-house Breeding Options

There are three options available when you click on In-house Breeding: horse breeding (live cover), using a straw, and implanting an embryo. In this tutorial we are only discussing live cover breeding. The other options are explained in the Advanced Breeding Lab (link).

Breeding Your Horse to a Publicly Listed Stud or Broodmare

You aren't limited to breeding only your own horses. You can also live cover one of your horses to a stallion or mare placed for public stud or brood by another player.

Why Can't I Breed to This Horse?

First check the horse's age.

Check how many times the horse has been bred this season.

Make sure the mare is not in a pasture.

You can use the pasture to breed your mare to a stallion you own, but both the mare and the stallion must be in the same pasture.  If you are breeding to an outside stallion, you will need to move the mare to a barn.  Once she is bred you can move her back to the pasture, but you must do it before the nightly rollover (approximately midnight Eastern Standard Time, aka the 'Cinderella Effect').  If you don't move the mare back to the pasture, she will lose her pasture bonus for the month and the 'days in pasture' count will reset to 0. Days in pasture will start accumulating again as soon as she does move back into a pasture.

Double check that breeding season is open

Breeding season ends at rollover (approximately midnight Eastern Standard Time) on the 27th day of each month. Once the clock rolls over to the 28th day of the month breeding season is over.  There will be a big notice on your main stable page telling you that breeding season is over.  When breeding season ends all horses who were available to breed are no longer listed.  

Breeding season reopens on the 3rd of the month for free accounts.  Upgraded accounts can breed on the 2nd of the month. 

Pastures open for breeding on the 7th day of the month unless you paid real life cash for a feature in the previous month.  For example, if you purchased a pasture with real money in July then your pastures will allow you to breed on August 5th. This purchase does not carry over to September or any future month unless a new purchase with real money (via PayPal) is made.

Also see article about pasture breeding and closed/licensed genes. 

Placing Your Horses Up for Public Breeding

If you have a mare or a stallion that you would like to share with the community for breeding, but don't want to sell, you can set a price for other players to pay to breed their horse to yours.  

Pasture Breeding

Discuss the pros and cons of using pastures to breed. Discuss auto-breeding.

Why can't I breed my pasture horses?


The Advanced Breeding Lab

Using advanced breeding facilities, including straws, eggs, and embryos. Upgrades are required to use eggs and embryos.

The Advanced Breeding Lab

Using Straws

No upgrade required, How to Pull Straws, How to Use Straws, Obtaining Straws from Other Players. Explain expiration dates.  Remember to link to other articles/subsections as needed.  

The Advanced Breeding Lab

Using Eggs & Embryos

Upgrade required, Pulling & Flushing Eggs, Embryo Creation and Implantation, Obtaining Eggs/Embryos from other players. Remember to link to other articles/subsections as needed.

Will the mare I use to implant an embryo have any effect on the foal?

Generations And Lined Breeding

Discuss the difference between foundations and lined horses, and even vs uneven breeding (no game effect from this). Give some detail on G2/G3/G+ horses. 

Pros and Cons of even breeding, uneven breeding, or bootstrapping (i.e. Pros: good indicator of quality increase with BA/SBA, can buy and introduce new colors at base level, flexibility with GMTing the foundations. Cons: Culling of horses that aren't good enough quality despite everything else (color, bone, etc.), Slow going compared to bootstrapping, matching in later gens,)

How to Decide Which Horses to Breed

Discuss: Understanding genetics and inheritance, lethal genes (why did my foal not survive), breeding quality basics - link this to the Improving Your Bloodlines content. Remember to link to other articles/subsections as needed.

What Should I Breed For?

Does inbreeding or linebreeding (breeding parents to offspring, or siblings to each other, etc.) have any consequences on Hunt and Jump.

Bootstrapping: The Quickest Way to Build a Show Herd

Height & Bone: What Happens If I Cross A Riding Pony With A Draft?

About the heights and bone weights of horses, what happens if you cross them, how these traits are inherited in the game, what difference they make. Unlike real life, it's no problem to breed a tiny pony mare to a huge draft stallion. How to pick which you want to breed? Does it matter? Breeder clubs for each. Briefly discuss height regulator and "collectible" ponies with link to dedicated page on the gene and what it means for a horse to be "collectible."

Posting Your Horses for Stud or Brood

Can I put conditions or restrictions on my publicly listed breeding horses?

Why Can't I Put This Stallion/Mare Up For Public Breeding?

Check for the following situations;